Tree Component Transparency Issue

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  • I am having issues with how the tree to the far left is displaying transparency.

    Unlike the other tree components on the right, it shows a white background. The second pine on the left is displayed correctly, but this is after I exploded the component so it is no longer a "face me" item. I've done a lot of fiddling in the enscape material editor and have tried to explode and remake into a new component, I have now run out of ideas.

    Any tips for how I can get it to display properly?

  • Ithink that this is to do with how Enscape handles transparency:

    If you apply a "transparency mask" then pixels can only be On or Off. However if the texture is a PNG file, the image it's self contains it's own transparency mask as a greyscale with multiple values between On and Off. This is automatically loaded as a mask every time Enscape sees that it is a PNG.

    I assume that a "Face me" component is read by Enscape (sent from SU?) slightly differently and Enscape has to make it's own mask rather than using the one in the image... If Enscape could apply a full greyscale transparency mask it would perhaps eliminate this issue, but until then you could open the image used for the tree in question, convert it into a jpg, mask the white areas outside of the branches/leaves and save that independently as a mask, then use this texture with it's newly created transparency mask. (PNG's take waaaaaay longer to load into Enscape - this method could have the side-effect of making Enscape quicker to load.)

    Personally I would just use one of the in-build RPC content trees rather than use 'face me' components: much nicer shadows and better realism.