Slow Youtube when using enscape

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  • Hello everybody,

    I've been having issues since i got my new screens. They are two 5K iiyama screens that are both plugged in a RTX 2080 each.
    The computer has two 2080 rtx and one 1080 ti. I use the screens in 4k resolution, 5k being too small for some applications.

    The issue : I notice that when using enscape or adjusting settings like Field of View, the youtube videos playing in the background start stutering, becoming slow as if ALL the computer ressources were used by enscape. Nothing in particular is running otherwise on the computer and when checking the ressource manager nothing is used at 100%. Any ides why this is happening on a supposedly powerful machine ?
    nvidia driver 418.81 and 418.91 version

    It is not a big problem, but it shouldn't be here i suppose. Also im trying to use the enscape in a smaller window so it uses less ressources. Is this a correct approach ? I just feel it's a shame to use only a small portion of a big sharp screen.

    (PS: i will be changing screens soon and will update this post after testing them and seeing if they make a difference.)


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    Hey F. Chatillon Architecte , thanks a lot for your post! :)

    This should be a normal behavior since running Enscape in 4k (when it's maximized) does require quiet a bit of resources, especially when the Rendering Quality is upped or in case the project is large and/or heavily detailed.

    Further, when you decrease the size of the Enscape window, it also lowers the resolution dynamically - we also have a dedicated "Window" export resolution in the Capture tab of our settings.

    When Enscape is maximized, do you experience any lagging what so ever or is it completely smooth throughout? Because, even when you get just a bit of stuttering or lower framerates at times then this would mean that the graphics card is actually being used quiet a bit, even though the resource manager is not displaying that directly.

    But in general, kindly also let me know if changing the screens does anything to that behavior. ;) If the new screens have a lower resolution, then it should be expected that the YouTube stuttering is lessened.

  • I had the same problem, having a powerful pc (win10). I think the problem is in 4k resolution and the majority PC simply can't handle it properly. I guess the issue is not with enscape itself. I think one of the solutions would be to convert your video in a more usual format like mp4 or wmw. But if you want to download music from youtube or anything like that which can be listened to, you can convert it to mp3 without any problems. I usually do this when I wanna download videoclips or scientific speeches.