forgetting location of last saved image?

  • I believe Enscape in other releases would remember the location I saved an image to, and would default to that location for the next one.

    This latest release does not seem to do that for me consistently.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • Hey renderwiz , I cannot reproduce this behavior with either the latest release or preview.

    Here are my steps:

    1. Open Enscape

    2. Hit render image and navigate to a different folder

    3. Save the image

    4. Hit render image again and the folder is the same as the one I've just exported the previous rendering to (even when I restart Enscape)

    If you say that it doesn't do that consistently, then could you let me know which steps you're taking (in addition to any further information you like to share) so that I can also reproduce it on my machine for troubleshooting purposes? :)

  • As I mentioned, it is inconsistent, but I am certain it is happening. I would not have chosen the wrong folder several times yesterday :-) Unfortunately, I have rolled back to a previous version.

    In sketchup, it is possible that this is being affected by the dialogue for linking proxies or opening textures. If I remember correctly one of the "incorrect" folders that images were going to was a proxy folder I was using. You should try one of those actions between your save operations.

  • Hey renderwiz , unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this issue just yet. If you find out a way to faithfully reproduce this then that would be great, since I've opened some proxies, imported some textures and the save path is still the same when I hit Render Image.

    Also, and you're probably already aware of that, but you can always define a save Default Folder for your images via the Capture tab of our Enscape settings. Further, if you don't want any prompt before an image gets saved, you can enable Automatic Naming alongside.