How to export file for printing

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    beenz123 , thanks a lot for your inquiry. ;)

    You can change the image file type to .jpeg in the "Save screenshot" prompt before saving:

    You can furthermore head over the Capture tab in your Enscape Settings to set the File Format to .jpg so that it's always selected by default when you render an image - if you also enable Automatic Naming (you can also set a Default Folder just below) your renderings will be saved with the selected file format automatically, to the Default Folder directory.

  • I was able to export a stand alone image after rendering but how am I supposed to turn it into a saved jpeg image so I can use it for a project? Thanks

    be aware that enscape (at least in the past?), does some pretty heavy compressing when saving to jpeg directly, and that means lower image quality. I would recommend sticking with the standard png format, with much higher fidelity. If you should need lower file size, then use a program like photoshop or gimp to save it to Jpeg with more control. for most print cases, stick with png ;)