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  • I would like to be able to RECALL camera views within ENSCAPE... Maybe something similar to the KEYFRAMES idea, but just allowing me to set a number of still camera views and recall them...

    During a project and as the model progress OR to study alternatives, I would like to be able to shoot a series of still camera views then shoot the EXACT SAME views the next week... (you get the idea)..

    Now, it is possible for me to set these up in ARCHICAD, but I have to do a complete ENSCAPE REBUILD between each on to reset the camera location. It seems this this adds about 3-5min for each view just to change to the camera... Don't get me wrong, the rest of ENSCAPE makes this palatable, but just hoping for a little more efficiency..

    If this can already be done, let me know... I haven't found it yet.


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    DGD-Duane , pardon if I'm missing something, but you basically would like to have dedicated Views in ArchiCAD, correct? :) Your feedback and voice in form of another upvote has been added to the topic already, and if you just like to have Views in ArchiCAD as mentioned, I'll add the further feedback to name the renderings according to the view-name accordingly. Zenoardelean , I've added a further upvote to the topic through your voice as well!

  • No... I would like to have dedicated views in ENSCAPE!..

    I can get them in ArchiCAD (using the view map)..

    But if I am in ENSCAPE, then go to ArchiCAD's 3d window and change the view....

    and go back to Enscape, the view is the same as I left it in ENSCAPE previously...

    I have to hit the RECALCULATE button to update the view, which recalculates EVERYTHING (like starting over)... which can take 3-5min to regen.

    While if I just MOVE the camera in Enscape it stays as a live render...

    The net result is ... If I have 10 or 20 views I want to render at different phases of the project (could be each day, could be each week, could be every hour)... I have to constantly go from enscape to archicad then rebuild... too much time...

    Otherwise, I have to just MOVE the view in ENSCAPE and guess at duplicating the same camera location, angle and height...

    Let me know if I'm not explaining this well enough..

  • But the synchronization of views from Archicad does not require re-reconstruction of the scene - it is strange that you need to rebuild in your version. In fact, the first pass does not display the view correctly, but just click.

    Unfortunately, rebuilding the scene sometimes requires, for example, changing materials (sometimes change to white) and also the time of day is resetting after rebuilding - therefore, such functionality with a view of views, even in an external file, would be welcomed;)

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    DGD-Duane , sorry for any confusion caused by my last reply, but if we were to implement Enscape views for ArchiCAD, they'll also be available in/for Enscape as well of course. :) As in, you could simply select any view you've created via Enscape through a dedicated drop-down menu, or in Enscape itself. Kindly let me know if I'm missing something!

    Further, the issues you've mentioned in your last reply, this all happens while "Synchronize Views" is activated, or have you not tried that functionality yet (please also make sure you're on our latest release to avoid any potential problems which have already been resolved in later or the latest release):

    If this is turned on, you should be able to just easily select ArchiCAD 3D-Views and Enscape will react accordingly and update the scene to reflect the corresponding View.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any further feedback! :)

    Finally, Tikos , I've added your feedback to our agenda and your voice gave the corresponding topic a further upvote as well! :)

  • I think what DGD-Duane is trying to say is that we need to have custom viewpoints.

    Let me try to go deeper. Imagine we have to render different rooms in a house, and also exterior perspectives. The living room, let's say, looks better in a summer day scene, and we want the render to be 4k. On the other hand, the bathroom needs a brighter interior light and a wider angle. Then we have an exterior perspective where we want a 2 point perspective, 1080p, sunset scene.

    In Enscape we have all these settings, but they are not attached to the Archicad cameras. It would help if Enscape had all these settings attached to each Archicad saved cameras. Going back to my examples, when I switch from the living room perspective to the exterior one while the Enscape sync is on, the exterior perspective is not a 2 point perspective anymore. And Enscape uses the previous' image interior lighting.

    Now imagine if this is a work in progress and the client wants minor changes to the current phase. We have to set the lighting, the cone of view and the 2 point perspective again. Which kind of defeats the purpose.

    TL;DR It would be nice if Enscape had lighting and camera settings attached to the Archicad saved cameras.

  • Hmm, what if you could work the other way? Save for an existing Archicad camera settings from a set view in Enscape? Or save a new camera in Archicad from a set view in Enscape? I mean, for example, the setting of the sun in Enscape is more "comfortable" than in the Archicad.

    I do not know if working the other way is possible at all?

  • Good point, Tikos. I think it's doable, but

    1. my Enscape does not let me rename the views. So I get lost in all the views.

    2. Enscape uses the same set of settings for all the projects. So even if I can somehow get over the renaming bug, I have to navigate through lots and lots of saved settings entries.

    One workaround is using the keyframes of the Enscape's video as still images. This means every project has a saved Enscape camera path. And I get rid of the clutter. Still, it does not help with the 2 point perspective issue.

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    Understood, thanks a lot for your further feedback! :) This has actually already been requested in a similar fashion for our other supported CAD solutions as well, so I'll happily add a further upvote to the corresponding topic/feature request on our agenda through your voice. Again, thanks for the elaboration.


    You have found my issue... I was thinking LIVE UPDATE was the synchronizer... but the button below it (as you have highlighted) is what I needed.


    Awesome.. Happy to hear that! :) Let me know in case you experience any other problems.

  • FWIW,

    I set up two VIEW FOLDERS in archicad (Exteriors and Interiors)...

    Each view has the sun angle that makes the render look good... This DOES transfer over to Enscape!!!

    I start the enscape window using the VIEW SYNCHRONIZATION = ON..

    Using archicad's view map ONLY, I call up each view

    In the VIEW MAP window, I COPY the name of the View

    Then hit the RENDER IMAGE button in the enscape tool bar.

    - Note, I don't actually GO to the enscape window! you don't have to...

    - and have it set to NOT auto name.....

    - Do have it sending to the correct FOLDER (I change folders for int. and ext. views)

    Then PASTE the VIEW MAP name into the FILE name dialog...

    Move to next view (note... you do NOT have to wait until the save render is complete)

    x 12 views each... it goes pretty fast....

    The SETUP is the biggest deal... Getting the sun angle correct for each view, then saving to the view map.

    Anyway... it's a decent workflow... Would be great if we could harness this power using the PUBLISH feature of archiCAD...

  • Thanks for the tips. The workflow seems easy. The only thing you cannot do is set an HDRI in Enscape using this approach. Am I right?

  • HDRI... above my paygrade!

    I have just not looked into this...

    I know ArchiCAD DOES have an HDRI setup... Don't know if it transfers over to Enscape.

    Maybe one of the Enscape techs can answer that ….

    Since HDRI is not available until RENDERING SETTINGS, I kind of doubt that it can transfer...