Assets/People from Previous Enscape releases are missing

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  • Is there a way to retrieve the people placed as Assets in previous versions of Enscape ?

    Businessman 1,2,3, Business Hipster, Young man etc... they don't show up in Enscape anymore when I open my refit file from a couple of weeks ago...

    (They show up as geometry in revit still but don't render )

    What to do ?


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    Bimtest , these are not available anymore due to licensing reasons. I suggest you try out new people via the Asset Library instead! We'll add a lot more with time as well and if you have any specific Asset item wishes, let me know. :)

  • Understood - but these also were Assets from the Enscape dropdown before...

    I am using the new ones but revisiting older projects to replace all the lost ones is quite an effort...

    If you add new ones thats cool but once they are placed I would hope they would stay then when newer versions of Enscape are released...

    If I need more people now, are the axyz-people the right ones to fit those you have as assets ?

    Thanks for looking...

  • @Demian

    Please clarify.... If an asset is placed with a Released version of Enscape, will I as a user of Enscape in the future always be able to open an old project and successfully create a rendering with those assets placed previously?

    Your comments seems to imply that the available assets can/will be removed and that we should not count on them being available when opening old projects?

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    Bimtest and renderwiz , sorry for any confusion caused by my last reply - when we first introduced our asset library, there were a few people which have now been removed due to licensing reasons, that doesn't mean that we'll remove any further assets from the library again, so don't worry about that. :)

    If you now place down any assets, be it people and so on, they'll also stay in your projects. ;) Finally, the axyz-people should fit nicely alongside our existing current people, but again, be assured that we'll generally add a lot more soon. For example, with 2.5 we plan to add about 150 more assets in total.