Material editor for Rhino

  • Hi,

    I was so happy to see the material editor beind added to rhino, but it doesn't seems to work yet, I guess that's because it's the preview / wip? I cannot select any materials ( textured or not) when opening the material editor.

    Anyway looking forward to this addition, that will definitly push the quality in Rhino, thanks for the work!

  • Due to technical reasons, you have to first set the material Type of your materials (you want to edit with our materials editor) to "Enscape" first:

    From there on you can edit the materials accordingly. :)

    Enjoy yourself and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

  • gautier , happy to hear that! :) Let me know in case you have any further feedback you want to share with us.

  • Quote

    All good, I guess the only thing is that we cannot use the viewport when the editor is switched on, but I imagine that's just wip?

    This unfortunately is final. We couldn't find a way to track all changes done in Rhino. So we made the material editor block the viewport to prevent Rhino and Enscape from going out-of-sync.


    Is Rhino 5 supported for the new material editor?

    No, the Rhino 5 SDK is lacking a few methods that we need to properly map the materials to their objects.


    I can't find the material options - any ideas?

    In native Rhino you need to switch the materials to the Enscape type, but we decided to not use the integrated UI as it is very limited. Instead you can modify all Enscape materials by opening the material editor window via the toolbar or command "EnscapeOpenMaterialEditorCommand"

  • Simon Weinberger I found the material editor, my toolbar wasn't updated. I don't know how to say it diplomatic, but the material editor and the usage doesn't looks like I would expect a render plugin. I'm disappointed.

    Here an example how the Octane guys implement her materials to Rhino, the full Rhino functionality of the Rhino material editor is be used. Only I can hope that the implementation can much more improved.

  • Micha , sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with the way our material editor for Rhino works yet. You can gladly give me some further detailed feedback regarding what you'd like to see changed/adjusted/added and I'll forward it accordingly.

  • I'm glad to hear we can talk about the material editor, I thought it's final.

    The Octane render plugin is a good example of a good implement material editor. Rhino materials and Octane materials can be used sided by side. The access isn't possible per object properties, but the edit button allow to quick jump to the material editor.

    I suppose so if the material Rhino material editor is used the problem of the blocked viewport will be solved.

    The Rhino material editor allow to use a lot of ready to use features:

    The creation of an Octane material goe's this way:

    here it is needed to choose "more types":

    Often I used the simple duplicate function to create further Octane materials


    An other way to implement a material editor is to write an own material editor from the scratch, but this is really a lot of work to get all the little functions working. For example VfR did it.


    A third way is to ignore a material editor and to support materials only (like done by AIR). Here the material exist in a parallel universe at the object properties. Per default the AIR material are using some basic Rhino material properties.

    Here an own material type is set.


    I think the best deal would be to write an Enscape material type based on the RDK and to use the Rhino material editor like Octane did it.

  • Noob question.

    This new editor like thea render for rhino, is available in the last official version(2,4) or only for the preview One (beta)?

    Check out how to acquire our latest preview here! If you want to adjust your materials through our newly implemented material editor, you'll first have to set the type in Rhino itself, for the materials you want to edit, to Enscape:

    Afterward you can open the editor and adjust the materials you've just setup prior accordingly. :)

  • Hi,

    It looks like Chrome metals are broken? As soon as you make them 95% glossy or less they turn black. Although when rotating the scene you will see glossiness until you pause.

    Hi Hillmeister and welcome to our forums!

    That's an issue we're aware of and which will be fixed in the next Preview version release. Thanks for the report! :thumbup:

  • It could be great if the material editor could remember the last used placed at the screen during a Rhino session.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll file this is a feature request - anything you want to add to it? ;)