Material editor for Rhino

  • Micha - this is the first iteration of the material editor for Rhino, and I am sure that we will be seeing some improvements to this feature over time. We know it's not perfect yet, so any feedback we get from users is, of course, helpful. You have to remember, Enscape in comparison to Octane and VRay, is the new kid on the block, so to speak, so we are playing catch-up in some regards. Please offer your constructive feedback though, it is valued.

    gautier - this is still in our developer agenda, so has not, as of yet, been worked on further.

  • Maybe the McNeel team could help to get the Enscape materials working direct in the Rhino material editor. It would enhance the workflow a lot.

    I'm glad to hear that there are chances to see improvements. Only I afraid we talk about a very long term since there are some old Rhino shortcomings waiting for improvement too. Maybe it help to recall some of this issues:

    * target points of the Rhino camera and saved views not used for Enscape, so that the use needs to manual adjust the DOF distance every time he change the view

    * Enscape options not saved to Rhino file that can cause lost setups

    * not working material ID output (randomized colors for the same material)

    * batch rendering ignores the lens length of the recalled views (and don't use the target for DOF)

    * Enscape output window doesn't stay at top without installing extra tools that the user need to search at the web

    * the nice Rhino soft edgening is not used for the Enscape output

    This are standard functions of any Rhino render plugin and without this functions the integrations looks quite weak. I understand if the core developers have to much work, but couldn't more developer power added to the plugin and non-core functions development? I ask this since my impression is we have this slow plugin progress problem since more than one year now. Please surprise your users and release a well implement plugin at the next official release and not over the time. ;)

  • Can someone repeat how we can download the preview version in order to have the materila editor?

    I found this link with instructions Where can I get the Enscape preview?

    but I cannot find the ABOUT button. Can someone send the link directly here?

    Thank you in advance!

    Sent you the download link via PM. :)