Off topic - 3d scanning?

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  • Hi

    We consider investing in a 3d scanner for registration of existing buildings.

    Therefore I would like to know, if anyone in this forum, has experience with 3d scanning and have any recommendation regarding these products?

    We have been recommended this one Leica BLK360.

    It's quite an investment, so it would be nice to hear others experiences :)

    It's primary use will be for Autodesk Revit.


  • We use the Leica P16 Laserscanner - target registration in ReCap.

    The P16 is also used for outdoor areas.

    The BLK360 is good for smaler areas, resolutions and detail depths. It depends on the depth of detail in which you model your point cloud in Revit.

    For Example: If you just want the geometery of a room, the BLK360 is enough. But if you want to measure some furniture or machines inside the room, and want to exactly model them in a high detail in revit, maybe the resolution of the BLK360 could't be enough.

    if you have some questions - let me know ;)

  • The choice depends largely on your budget and your objectives (as MatthiasF has already pointed out).

    Leica BLK 360 is a good 3D scanner for low-budget tasks and medium tasks not related to high precision scanning. I used Leica for about a year or so. It's a decent scanner. Now we have switched to the Artec Ray, it is expensive, but it costs its money and the main thing is that it is universal for our purposes.

    Its software is compatible with Solidworks, Autodesk, Geomedgic, Blender, etc.

  • I am working with a FARO FOCUS S120 (since 2014) and the FARO Software SCENE.

    Both are great tools.

    I guess, if you go with the FARO X-series, currently you have to invest about 30.000 Euro.

    Best regards, Hans

    • Official Post

    Is there any way to bring the data (point clouds) from the BLK360 into Enscape?

    Enscape does not support the rendering of point clouds yet. But this has been requested before, so I'll add your upvote to the already existing feature request on our agenda.