TDR Error

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  • Hi

    I am getting the below error when trying to Render Image in Revit @ 4k resolution.

    We have multiple machines in the office, some running Nvidia K2000 and some running Nvidia P2000. The error is occurring on all machines.

    We have the latest drivers and are using Enscape release

    Please advise.



    • Official Post

    Hey Danyal Ali , there are number of issues that can cause a TDR error, but in this case it's due to Enscape not having enough VRAM available to render images with a 4k resolution I'm afraid.

    For more information about this this TDR error in general, check out this site here and here.

    We generally recommend to either lower the capture resolution or a dedicated graphics card upgrade in case you solely want to export 4k images. If you require specific recommendations, gladly let me know! :)

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    Danyal Ali , this error may not always occur, factors like different Nvidia drivers and versions of Enscape may indeed influence this behavior. To further analyze if there is anything we can do regarding this Enscape wise, could you send in a dedicated feedback report through which we'll receive your log files which would help with that? :)

    Here is described how you send in said report - please also add you forum name in the submission form so that we know it's from you.