Enscape freezes at 95% when loading

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  • Hello Enscape team,

    i have encountered a strange issue. Enscape stucks and freezes when loading always at 95% - It also freezes sketchup completely. I have to use the task manager to re-open it and then it does the same. I have tried rebooting, closing all startup programs and opening it in a blank sketchup file.

    I am using a latest alienware laptop with a GTx1060 and until a few days it used to run smoothly and very fast. I have not installed anything at all nor i have updated windows.

    Any help?

    Thank you.

    • Official Post

    Hey konstantinosd88 , sorry to hear about this problem.

    Would you please be so very kind as to check for the following software and either disable it and/or deny their autostart when you boot your operating system:

    - Asus Sonic Studio II

    - Alienware Sound Center

    - A-Volute

    - MSI Nahimic

    If you do not have the above software installed, or in case disabling the software does not resolve this issue for you, then please don’t hesitate in getting back in touch so that we can further troubleshoot the cause behind this. :)