Enscape crashes when updating geometry with complex worksession files

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  • Hi,

    As you may see below I have a large worsession with an entire city. It loads well when i start enscape in just a few seconds, and the camera movement is flawless .

    But, for example, when i select an object from my file and hide it, enscape crashes when trying to update.

    Also when exporting screenshots.

    Also when I close the enscape window.

    Could you please look into this,


    • Official Post

    Hey Bogdan , thanks a lot for your report. Are you using our latest release of Enscape? If not, does updating help with this? You can check if you're up to date as described here.

    If you're up to date or in case an update does not help, please be so very kind as to send in some feedback as described here. You can also gladly send the project file alongside for troubleshooting purposes, if possible! :) Please also add your forum name in the submission form so that we know it's from you.

    Thank you in advance.