Setting the elevation of your Building?

  • A panorama is created from loads of images taken from a fixed point in space: it's a photo.

    You can make a model look like it's in a photo by adjusting the model orientation and viewing position, but you can't change the photo or the position the camera was in when it took the photo.

  • You can rotate the panorama and horizon plates in the settings:

    About the scale and elevation of the horizon plates, we will look into it. It's true that having a shot from a skyscraper that appears to be close to the ground does look a bit off.

  • Is there a way to set the ground plane to something other than the default? My project has shared coordinates enabled The Survey Point is at zero elevation (sea level) and the Project Base Point is several hundred feet above, representing the true elevation of the building above sea level. Enscape recognizes the Survey Point elevation for the ground plane and my building is waaaaaaaaaaaay up in the clouds.

  • There is no such thing as a ground plane in Enscape. The sky box with the horizon plate makes it appear that every level is on the ground. I recently fixed an issue with sun shadows where the building was about 2000 m above sea level. (Somewhere in the Alps probably.)

    In some odd circumstances your CAD will give Enscape a weird position for the camera. The simple work around is, if you can see your building to teleport there with double click or if you can not see it use number pad 5 to birds view with your model centered.