• I really like the content of the asset library when viewing our revit models via Enscape, BUT the models in the asset library are terrible when viewed within Revit. They are just indiscriminate boxes. For the asset library content to be truly useful and more seamless with our firm's workflow it would be far superior for the assets to have 2D images built into the families that showed a better representation within Revit. That would save us loads of time as far as plantings showing up in site plans, or people being represented in elevations/sections. Currently we are forced to duplicate work if we want to utilize the asset library to get the more stunning 3D visualizations in enscape, or just use the revit people/plants and so on and hope that Enscape switches out content that is applicable to the situation. A 3D tree that looks great in Enscape, but also has a 2D view for both plan view and in elevation would be a huge time saver for our workflow. Same goes for all the other entourage. Thanks.

  • Thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum patrickmcn3 , this has already been requested before so there is a dedicated feature request filed for that on our agenda. I've just added your feedback and a further upvote to the topic! :) Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.