Updating views from revit to enscape?

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  • Hello,

    if I adjust a view in Enscape I can go back to revit, delete the corresponding view, and "Create View" with same name...

    However, I do I do the reverse? I am adjusting a Revit view, but Enscape never updates it, even restarting Enscape...

    The view, obviously is marked as a preferred view, in Escape pull down list of 3D views.

    The only way to get Enscape to update is to click on the view itself, then Escape will re-export the model and update the view.

    Still, clicking int he view thumbnail, inside Enscape, will move back to the original view... it will not stay as per new Revit view...

    Any idea?



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    Hey gsucci , thanks a lot for your inquiry and welcome to our forum. :)

    What you can do is, once you've adjusted a Revit view which has already been favorited, just briefly de-favorite and favorite it again in the view selector. This will update the view(s) (which are selected via the favorite views tab in Enscape) correspondingly. But, I've forwarded this subject to our developers and they'll look into ways to improve this! Thank you again for your valuable feedback.