Spotlight for Sketchup

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  • Hello Enscape suppoort team!

    First of all, I would like to THANK YOU guys for creating such an amazing extension!!!

    It really helps us designers and architects to avoid dealing with Unreal and Unity to deliver vr and 3d tours.

    I was about to buy a license for Sketchup, but after testing a simple scene of a hangar without windows,

    trying to highlight objects inside, faced a problem of an absence of a light beam.

    My goal is to have something similar to this:

    • Official Post

    Hey Dmsone ,

    thank you for your kind message! Great to hear Enscape helps you do your work instead of having to focus on other software!

    It's a great time for you asking this question - we've literally just released Enscape 2.0, which introduces Point- and Spotlights (including IES lights) for SketchUp.

    Go to your [About] window in Enscape and click the link to the download area. Install the new version and have a look yourself, the new artificial lights work great!