texture size, and big files

  • Hi :-)

    We have run into some problems with the latest versions of enscape here at the office. I think it has to do with the new support for 8k textures.

    we have an extremely heavy project (an airport with enourmous detail), and have been able to work with enscape in the models before. Now though, we cant get enscape to start up, and we think this has to do with all the texture data now being too big of a mouth full. since we use hundreds of linked models it is almost impossible to resize textures en each of them (plus we would like to keep the hight quality ones for other projects).

    In other projects we have no problems at all, and LOVE the support for large textures, but we miss some sort of control over it. Could it be possible to introduce some sort of texture-size slider, that lets enscape crop textures at certain resolutions, to cope with different projects... Right now we are forced to downgrade to version 2.4.1 to get the work done...

    our machines are i9, RTX 2080, and 64 gb ram, so they should be punchy enough! :-)

  • Hello Herbo

    Sad to hear that. The easiest way to test if textures are guilty would be to temporary remove or rename directories containing those textures and check if Enscape will start, although without showing the textures in the model.

    By the way, can't get Enscape to start up means that it stays loading forever or crashes on start?

    Let us know if it is possible do perform such a check in your case and if it will let Enscape start. Also please send us feedback with logs, so we can have a better look at the issue!

  • Hi :-) I should have clarified that a bit more of course :-)

    I cannot unfortunately change directories like that... all textures a placed on different servers, and MANY of the textures comes from linked models...

    The model starts up after around 15 minutes, first with a lot of missing textures, and then it turns into some sort of dark, pixelated image, which cannot be navigated. I can see my system memory hovers somewhere around the 50gb mark at this point...

    There is no errors or crashes, but enscape (and the rest of the machine..) is not usable :-)

    in the old version, it still takes around 15 minutes for the model to start, but then it works, and we can navigate and export renders without any issues :-)

  • Any news on how to work with this in the future? At the moment we have had to roll all our machines back to versions before 8k support.

    We often work on very large projects (airports, hospitals, city planning and so on...), and not having control over this is quite troublesome :-)

  • We are aware of two issues regarding 8k textures support:

    1. Request to introduce max texture size setting

    2. Textures update lag where there should be no lag (may become significant with a big number of textures)

    We have (1) on our agenda and working on (2) to fix it in the next few days.

  • We have experienced some performance hits with the latest builds as well (since 8k texture support was added).

    Looking forward to test (2) when it comes out. If 2 works fine, there will be no need for (1) I think

  • My experience echoes Herbo's, and as someone who also works with both very small/intricate models and VERY large models that don't need and/or can't handle the same level of texture detail, I would like to give a BIG up-vote to the texture-resampling slider that he suggested in his first post.

    To add a suggestion to this idea - if a slider offers too much variability for troubleshooting purposes, then perhaps a "low/medium/high/ultra" option similar to the current Render Quality dialog would work instead.