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  • Besides earlier requests of vertical flow, fountains and liquid improvements it would be nice to have a sub water effect simular to the one you get in LumenRT.

    This is from an animation I did some years ago and also contains animated objects. Sadly LumenRT was aquired by Bentley which left SketchUp and other softwares "in the dust" and are now for Bentley products exclusivly. Like Enscape, -effects was realtime when moving/flying. Only one effect did not work in animation; the poolwater did not move like in RealTime and looks like jelly : )

    See through water with scattering effects on seabottom, foam effect around objects in water and on shore.

    Subsea water effect. reflection from surface and underwater mood

    See the animation here

  • Since water in Enscape is only defined via a surface and not a volume, we do not support "under water views". One could think about an ocean level where everything < height 0 is water but that's not scheduled so far.