WASD Disabled in Web-standalone

  • Hi all,

    Apologies but just a little moan and apologies if this has been covered before but...

    I could have sworn that when the web-standalone was first released WASD could be used to navigate?

    Is there reason WASD is disabled? It is so awkward using arrow keys, especially for laptop users which is the primary reason we export to Web; to allow low powered client machines (often laptops) to navigate models.


  • Hi Lewis

    The reason is because Ctrl+W closes the tab, Ctrl+D creates a bookmark, Ctrl+A selects everything and Ctrl+S opens "Save File" dialog in browser, and there is no way to override this behavior. Ctrl+WASD is very intuitively used very often in Enscape. We decided to better explicitly disable WASD and warn users before they've got unexpected closes/dialogs/broken behavior.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your response, I appreciate that browser shortcuts are out of your domain, I just wanted to log it as a point,

    Would it be possible to have control 100% mouse driven? Some kind of navigation panel similar to how Revit does movement control within navigation mode when in a camera view (see image)?

    Perhaps it's just me, in which case leave me to it!

    Thanks again,