• Tips:

    Enscape sometimes 'cheats' with large poly-count models (like the car) which results in shadows under them being too light: Place a separate surface 'base plate' under such objects to get them to cast nicer shadows.

    With no horizon or clouds it looks like a rendering: Not saying that it's impossible to photograph such a scene, just that it would be unlikely and photographs taken like that look like they are a rendering.

    I think that the lighting settings are turned up too high: To make them pop and show up as lit with 'tings' during a daytime render must mean that they are set to be really bright.

    I would increase the depth of the lining indents in the door and garage and/or decrease the default roughness: it may not be modeled 100% true to life, but the effect of the render will be closer to reality.

    If I was striving to make it as good as I could, I would also turn the front wheels of the car slightly and maybe add a little bit of tire-tracks to the drive, add a couple of solitary leaves, shorten the grass, put some painted lines in the road, a bird on the wall, make the fence texture not so repetitive and custom the wall texture with some signs of weathering... but only if I had an extra day to spend fine-tuning it.