Revit: Change the category of the assets from "planting" to "furniture"

  • Hi,

    I would recommend changing the categories of the asset library objects from "planting" to "furniture"
    (except the actual planting :P)

    On the one hand, Enscape furniture can not be hidden or shown by using one categorie (eg. if you don't want to see the REVIT planting but the furniture).
    On the other hand, we developed a system that makes it possible to load furniture from a linked project into another project by using the "furniture" category.
    However, this only works if the objects are assigned to the correct category.

    Or is there any explanation for them being there?

  • thenewless , this subject is still a work in progress and will be adjusted over time soon to increase usability and workflow. :) Still, if you like, I can file your wish as a feature request accordingly.

  • The thing is different offices will want to use different categories for the items.

    I'd like the fact that Enscape assets are on the planting category because they can scale. We need to scale persons and plants all the time, and even for props that might be very helpful (scaling props like vases etc).

    It all depends on how you've set up your standards and workflows.

    For custom assets, it's going to be helpful to be able to determine the category.