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  • I am just starting out with linked models in order to keep my file smaller and reduce crashes. Our client would like to create a series of small "prefabricated" shops with different door locations and some roof options. I created all the models from the same origin - had the building in place, created the roof system, deleted the building and saved. When I link the drawings, the models no longer align. I do not see a way to align the various pieces, and trying to move the bounding box in SketchUp and waiting to see what happens is tedious. Not sure what I am missing? Any suggestions or links to additional tutorials would be much appreciated.


  • Hey BRAD , thanks a lot for your post and a warm welcome to our forum. :)

    My apologies if I'm not getting this correctly, but you would like to have an actual preview of the linked models in SketchUp so that you can more easily place and align them correctly? This has already been requested before a few times, so there is a dedicated feature request filed for it on our agenda. Let me know if that is what you're looking for and I'll happily upvote the topic on our agenda!

  • Demian,

    That would be a nice touch, but even if the frame indicated or would snap to the origin of each other would be helpful. As I noted in how I created the models, they were set to the same origin. When I brought them in, even when snapped to the same origin, they would not align.

  • If you start working with proxy models I can highly recommend this tool:

    SketchUp plugin to convert components to low poly version which works with Enscape.

    It will create a face skipped simplified model of the linked model in stead of the empty box. I also ran into problems with allignment but was able to work around it. See thread. Succes

    @enscape. Please add this feature to Enscape. Transmutr also has this feature.