help applying lights on accurate and realistic.

  • Hi , I need some help getting some accurate lighting done for a project I have been working on. Either I am expecting the software to do something that its not ready to do yet. I feel I should be able to loud a ies file and good to go. In order for me to showcase also the effects of that specific lamp chosen. The reason why I want to not mess with any of the settings it losses it accuracy. If I can be shown or guided how to apply a LED area pole light for a parking lot 30' tall. The other fixture I would like to see illuminated correctly is 30' single 4ft T8.

    The T8 when all lit up is to bright in not the right manner. Pole lights either don't touch the ground seem to light up the pole. I have even have had issues it seems on the wall packs I have copied and toggled the straight line feature. It seemed to not lay out a even lighten effect across the entire wall. Thank you in advance.


  • Hey ah034031 , sorry to hear about that. IES files should give you a corresponding correct lighting output accordingly - to further analyze this behavior, give tips and so on, is there any chance you could send us the project (plus maybe screenshots showing the particular output you want to achieve, be it real-life ones) including the IES files? That would be very helpful to further assist you. :)

    If you can't send us the project, then sending us multiple screenshots, showing the issues you're experiencing, alongside the IES files (plus, again, screenshots of a real-life examples or detailed descriptions) would also be great instead.

    Thank you very much in advance!