Cardboard panorama not moving

  • Hi!

    I tried successfully to make a Panorama in E and open it on the phone in the browser.

    It works, but is only reacting to "looking" up and down with the phone. To "look" around I have to move it with my finger.

    I have another VR cardboard app on the phone where I can also "look" around in the demo environments, so I guess it's not the phones fault. :rolleyes:

    Is this an issue or are E. panos just like that? I would love to be able to look around too, in cardboard VR glasses for example. :saint:

  • Hey ZZelaz , thanks a lot for your inquiry!

    The panoramas should actually react to movements to the right or left side, as well as up and down, especially since this is of course necessary for cardboard VR as you mentioned. :)

    In this case, could you kindly let me know which phone you're using, and if you're using iOS do you experience this with the Safari browser as well, if you use an Android device do you experience that problem with Chrome?

    Thanks a lot in advance!