"Link model" (proxy model) as in Sketchup

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  • Hi everyone,

    Do we already have this function on Enscape for Archicad?

    I am encountering the issue with large polygon object in Archicad. For example, I want to use Tolix chair but there is no simple model for archicad. I have to use it from Sketchup. Unforturnately, the sketchup model is having too many polygons.

    I would be nice if Enscape for Archicad have this function.


    • Official Post

    Hey thinhpham , this functionality is not yet available for any other CAD solution besides SketchUp. But, I've now filed a feature request to allow proxies in other CAD solutions as well.

    Further, in the meantime, you may want to reduce the polygon count of the SketchUp model a bit beforehand? Check out this thread here and this article here which should help you further with that! :) There are probably even more similar plugins available online.

    Finally, just so you know, we've just implemented 150 more assets, which include more, new chairs as well. Only available in our preview so far, but maybe you'll find one which suits you.