Global Emissive Control

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  • I am wondering if it would be possible to have a slider control like the artificial light brightness for emissives as well? In order to get a glow from an object during the day they have to be turned up enough that if you go to a night view they are way overexposed. Then you have to go and touch each material to turn them down.. It would be great if there was an overall slider like the lights for emissives then it would be just a matter of re-adjusting them all at once. The two images attached had like 8 materials I have to adjust every time I go between day and night.

  • I will put the issue up for consideration.

    But please note that the material emission is realistic. Consider the following: How bright do the glowing spheres need to be in the real world to glow this much in bright sunlight. I don't know the answer, but it will be allot. Now think about these same spheres in the night...

  • I figured that.. But whenever I set the emissive to something that seems real world and it works for a night shot.. its completely gone during the day (ie it looks like the light is off). It does not seem to work for me in practice?

    So then I bump it up so I can see it during the day (can light for example) and then it is way high in the night shot and needs to be turned down. Maybe I am doing something wrong with regards to the exposure? I always try to keep that as low as I can per the sun time of day etc..

    For example this glowing light. At night 8cd seems about right (and realistic "real world") but that is completely washed out during the day and more importantly at dusk when I know it would start to really glow. I had to turn that up to 635cd before I start to see it glow at all at dusk. Like 16080cd or something to see that it is at all illuminated during the day. Certainly the sun washes everything way out during the day but if I look right at a source I can see that is on or off (particularly something like a can light etc... maybe not this orb).

    See attached photo looks like late afternoon but it is clearly glowing and I feel like I need to turn it up so much that it is "un realistic" in order to get that appearance. Thedusk image that is set to about 636cd is similar

  • I just looked into it and I think the auto-exposure is throwing you off. If I am not entirely off, 8cd is about the light intensity moon light has when reaching earth.

    See below the three spheres at night, dusk and in full sunlight. The left light is a white sphere with "foilage" material and a 200cd green sphere light, the middle is just a green mate material for reference and the right is a white material with green emission at 300cd/m^2. The exposure was hand configured to match the expected lighting condition.