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  • I typically export my executables in Architectural Two point perspective mode so it stays in that when people are in the model. However I recently discovered that if you have a taller building and have the view set when you export looking up.. the executable opens looking at the bottom of the building like you had not been looking up.. It seems to put the horizon in the middle. Is there a way to avoid this and have the export open exactly where you left it in the enscape view? I attached screenshots of where it was when I exported it and where it opens in the executable with the horizon in the center.

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    dvsone1440 , I've not been able to reproduce this behavior yet; could you kindly update to our latest release, Enscape 2.5, and re-export the standalone to see if that helps? :) Let me know in case it doesn't and we'll investigate further.

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    dvsone1440 , pardon for the confusion; I've forwarded this subject to our developers and they are currently busy resolving this behavior as soon as possible, so thank you very much for a bit more patience and thank you also for your understanding. :)

    Also, stated by our developer:

    "It will likely be resolved in one of the next Preview versions. In the mean time I'd suggest to toggle off two-point perspective a moment to save the view and then activate it afterwards again - this way everything should then work as expected when switching to that view later on. Hope that helps."

  • Ok I just sent you the model to the support email, so you can disregard that. Yes that is basically what I have been doing, however I have been putting the horizon in the middle by raising my eye half way up the building before I export.. and then I can export it with two point activated and have it centered in the view when it opens.. but I would prefer to be on the ground in two point. Thanks.

  • Demian,

    We are using the latest version of Enscape, and noticing the same issue; we export while it's set to 2 point perspective, and after exporting as a standalone exe, it changes it to 3 point.

    how could we resolve this?


  • No this is built 100% in Sketchup. Revit is way to slow / cumbersome for Early Design work like this. This was done very early (first week or so) of the design process.

    Tnx. Very nice, indeed. What's your face count in SketchUp? Did you need to use Enscape proxies for any part of the architecture to keep the SketchUp file manageable?

  • No proxies in this one.. that said I do use their trees and cars quite a bit now. This was designed modeled and rendered pre-Enscape for me. I originally did the renderings in another software. I had a new use for the design a few years later so I tried enscape in it. Attached is the older rendering

    .. Not sure on the face count I usually dont worry about it if I stick to a few simple rules. A computer that has a clock speed over about 4.2 Ghz.. no large materials (material resizer extension is great for keeping this under control) and No exteremly high poly count objects (which you do not need in my opinion or if you do you can use a proxy in most rendering programs)