Sketchup Animations

  • I was playing around with the the keyframe animator in sketchup and noticed that enscape wasn't updating its model when the sketchup model animation was running. If i rotate the model manually it updates but not when I run keyframe.

    Are there restrictions on the model refresh rate that enscape uses? Could enscape constantly update its model on a per tick basis? or even on a lesser rate?

    I have spent time building architectural VR environments in UE4 and the animations of doors add so much to a VR experience. I'm not requesting that you develop enscape so it has to handle the animations but if the animations were handled in sketchup or Revit and the model refresh was per tick then those animations would be replicated in enscape.

    Allowing the user to control the animations from inside VR could be as simple as one button to run all animations stored in sketchup?? For the most part when you are walking a client through in VR you are there anyway and can run sketchup animations from the desktop.