Some assets cannot be overriden in Revit

  • We've been experimenting with how to make the Enscape assets look nice in Revit views. Just using a simple override (solid pattern with grey/white + coloring edges in same color) actually works great. See picture in attachment.

    However, some assets cannot be overriden. See the screenshot (circled in yellow).

    Could it be that the meshes of some of these assets are 'inside out'/inverted?

    I tried attaching the .rvt file but the forum won't let me. The names of some of the assets that won't except an override are: Erik sitting, Darion Sitting, Halle Sitting, Gabriela Sitting

  • For the ones where the overrides works, it's pretty easy:

    First, I made a few view filters.

    Then, in the VG Overrides I use these filters and override the faces with a solid color. I also override the lines with the same color.

    Now, the only thing I need to do to make any of these overrides, is just writing the right comment in the comment field: Black, White, Grey, Green, ...

    Then, you just need the right display settings.

    - consistent colors

    - turn smooth lines on

    - turn sun shadows on

    - turn shadow strength way down (2% - 5%)

  • Hey Pieter , thanks a lot for your post.

    Overriding assets this way is currently not officially supported - it may work with some, as you can see, but support is not yet implemented completely. In this case, you can gladly just send me the project file which I'll forward to one of our developers, they'll have a look at it and check if support could be implemented.

    If the project is confidential, just send me the download-link via pm.

    Thank you for your cooperation! :)

  • Thanks Demian!

    It would be great if you guys could see what's possible here. Revit is all about view filters/overrides etc, and as you see on the picture, we can make the assets that will accept overrides look pretty sweet in our Revit views!

    Link to example file:…verride%20assets.rvt?dl=0

    All these objects have the same override on them, but it doesn't work on all of them.

    Could it be that the 'placeholder object' (directshape) needs to be solid before Revit overrides work?

  • Pieter , it seems to be an issue actually related to Revit itself, not Enscape. We've contacted Autodesk accordingly - once they get back to us, we can further look into ways to resolve this behavior. In the meantime, thank you very much for your patience and thank you also again for your report! :)

  • Thanks Demian!

    Am I right to say that there seems to be a bug with non-solid directshapes in Revit?

    As a workaround (the Revit team can sometimes be...not as fast as you guys), any chance you can use solids going forward for the placeholders for the asset library?

  • Pieter , it has something to do with our placeholder geometry; Revit apparently has certain requirements for the surface overrides to work properly and not all placeholder geometry is created in the exact same way. Now that we're aware of that, we can implement a fix accordingly. :) No ETA just yet though

  • We tested the now assets.

    A lot of them have a solid placeholder and can be overriden in Revit, but there's also quite a few new ones that have non-solid outlines and because of that, cannot be overriden in Revit unfortunately.

    Examples are

    - car 24

    - car 25

    - books 3

    - books 5

    - books 6

    - willow

    - ...

    It would help a lot of these placeholders are solid geometry so Revit knows how to deal with them :)