Panoramic Views not working on tablet and phone browsers

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  • I just noticed that panoramic exports from Enscape no longer work with the gyro directional viewing on tablets and phones (where you can move the device around to look around the panoramic view). I am only able to spin around the view using touch, and I'm limited to looking at the horizon - not able to look up or down. Also, the view is limited to portrait orientation and when the device is turned to landscape, the view is skewed. Any idea what might be going on? The panoramic views work fine on my desktop and laptop using the mouse for full 360 navigation. I even loaded up some older panoramic exports that have previously worked across all devices, and the navigation is now broken in the same way . Is this a mobile browser issue? I'm using the latest version of Enscape and Revit 2019, along with latest updates of iOS on iPhone 10X and iPad Pro. The navigation issue happens in mobile versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

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    houston_architect , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    We're going to release Enscape 2.5 very soon (probably tomorrow), from there on you'll have to remove the existing panoramas from the cloud by just clicking "Remove panorama from cloud ..." and reupload them again afterward. Then you can open them as usual on your devices and the gyroscope should be used as usual - any navigation issues should be gone.

    If you want to try it for yourself today, you could also install our preview and do that procedure beforehand.

  • Thanks Demian! I installed Enscape 2.5 for Revit 2019 but the panoramic exports from the updated software do not use the gyroscope on my phone or tablet. Using touch navigation on the devices is limited to spinning around without the ability to look up or down. The panoramic view works as expected on my mac and pc browsers - full 360 spins using the mouse. Any idea what might be going on? My clients really like the gyroscope feature when viewing their projects on their devices, so I hope that's a feature that can be brought back.

    For reference, here is the panoramic view I just exported and uploaded to the cloud -…55-4e75-97af-47d5ab66e9ce

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    houston_architect , sorry to hear about that.

    We'll investigate the cause behind this further and I'll get back to your again as soon as possible.

  • Hey guys!

    As of IOS 12.2, Apple decided to limit accelerometer and gyroscope access in browsers for "privacy reasons".

    This change flew a bit under the radar for us and it took a bit too long to figure out what exactly was causing the issue.

    You should be able to re-activate the access through the following settings:

    Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Motion & Orientation Access


    Sorry for the inconvenience, we will try to keep better track of this stuff in the future!



    PS: Also check out the improved floor stitching on mono panoramas ?.

  • erica

    Yes, you are right!

    The hurdle with this is the canvas size limitation on phones. Sadly we can't put higher resolution pano shots into the viewer as is, so the experience of zooming in isn't good yet. There is some magic we might just be able to do in the future to provide an even better image quality to the panoramas.

  • I am having the same issue with IOS 13. The end user no longer has access to that setting. I read somewhere that Enscape is going to have to add this back on their end. Apparently there is a way to have their side request the motion & orientation access when the panorama is opened in the browser.

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    stephenocalleps and cadams , we're working on it at the moment. Safari generally deactivates Gyroscope support from the get go with iOS 13, so in the meantime we recommend to use Chrome ( / Firefox), until a solution has been implemented accordingly.

  • Firefox is still not working on some apple phones in our company using iOS 13.1.3 to showcase these Panoramas and is instead just showing static images. We have invested a lot of time and money into producing QR Codes for certain models over the past 6 months and have alot of merchandise printed up with these QR Codes on them to showcase our company's work but ultimately these are now useless.

    Is their any timeframe on when this fix will be implemented?


  • i am having a similar issue on pixel 3 and 4 opening the panoramas in chrome with google cardboard goggles. the pano's are tilted in the screen, as much as 90 degrees sometimes, but usually around 45 degrees. it feels like you are falling over all the time

  • I’m having this problem now. It didn’t happens with a panorama I did 2 weeks ago. Now, softer the question by safari, I allowed the motion and orientation use but there is no gyroscope motion. I cannot see up or down, only side to side.
    funny thing is that in my wife’s iPhone it worked but no in my iPhone or iPad. I called Apple but the agent didn’t helped very much and mostly said that I should check with Enscape. Any solution known?