baked lighting / textures for VR?

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  • Hello,

    I am experimenting with my new license of Enscape, and I am trying the VR feature of the plugin.

    The quality is not quite there yet, because Enscape keeps rendering the scene while we move in it.

    I understand the idea is to have real time rendering, but what about an option to pre-render the lighting and texture so that once in VR we can get some serious performances?

    Just like when we render a panoramic view, there is no more rendering when we visualize it.

    Or you can look at video games, which rarely render in real time, but everything is baked into the scene as much as possible.

    I would sacrifice the option to change lighting in VR, in order to get a smooth 3D experience...

    Thank you



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    Thanks a lot for your inquiry gsucci , this has already been requested before in a very similar fashion, I gladly gave the corresponding feature request a further upvote and added your wish! :) Again, thanks a lot for your feedback.

    Also, if you like to improve performance in general (more frames per second), you may also always lower the Rendering Quality, especially if you have noticeable dips, for example, in case the project is rather large/complex! Just in case you weren't aware of that slider which you can find in the General tab of our Enscape Settings.

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    +1 for baked lighting possibilities!

    Added your vote, thanks! :)