Material and Sky

  • Hello again,

    working in the walkthrough and VR, I had some issues with the materials, so here I ask if I'm doing something wrong or
    it should be implemented:

    1) The reflective materials from render tend to display too many reflections of the sky.. Is there a way to lower
    the reflections from the Sky or the properties of the Sky? Should i change some parameter from Revit?
    2) It seems to me the bump effect from the default materials of Revit is not so effective.. Is it a problem of texture bump scale or what?

  • Hello car.a3d,

    1) Indeed, Enscape may display reflections that are not a hundred percent physically accurate, so they may, for example, show clouds and sky, although you're inside of a building.
    This is simply due to the fact that perfectly correct reflections would cost an immense amount of rendering capacity, thus slowing your framerate down. This is why Enscape tries to estimate your surrounding to generate reflections that are as accurate as possible while maintaining a reasonable performance.
    We're constantly improving this behavior. Of course you can adjust the reflectivity of materials in the material browser in Revit.
    2) The bump effect should work just fine. Do you have an example for what you mean? We'll be happy to look at this for you!