Asset libraries load slowly

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  • Managed to fix this in a fairly agonising fashion:

    - Open the Asset Library

    - Every time a screen of thumbnails fully loads, scroll down to see more 'loading' thumbnails.

    - Keep doing this scrolling bit by bit until all the thumbnails are loaded. 15-20mins of active, very dull use.

    - It doesn't seem to load if you just leave the program by itself. You have to keep scrolling down to the next blank thumbnails or it stops loading.

    - If you scroll up after getting to some 'loading thumbnails', everything previously loaded will disappear. These have not actually un-loaded though, if you click a Tag and unclick a Tag they'll come back (this is not necessary but at least reduces your rage level).

    - Once every thumbnail is loaded, you can scroll up and down without the whole thing breaking.

    You can at least use another program while it's loading each page of thumbnails, but you do have to keep going back to scroll down or it stops loading the next bunch, at least for me.

    Once it's fully done the Library is still clunky (3 second delay to turn a tag on, 10 second delay to turn a tag off) but at least it's functional, and you only have to do this once.

    To see the problem, Enscape devs should just need to do a fresh install and use an internet connection to load the assets. It happens on every install here.

  • Duncan Welcome to our forums and thank you very much for the detailed list of steps you need to perform! Such detailed explanations help us greatly to understand the pain points our users experience.

    With the release of 2.7 the asset loading will improve, so this should help with some of the issues.

    However the fact that you neeed to redownload the assets with each install sounds like something that should not happen and I'll pm you in regards to this.

  • Has there been any progress on this issue? There certainly appear to be more people experiencing it than just me, but I have to imagine there would be more of an uproar if it loaded this slowly for everyone. We have a very fast internet connection here at work (200 mbs +) so that's not the problem, but perhaps our network settings are somehow stifling it. Until recently, I was having the same issue with the forums loading extrememly slowly, and IT was able to fix that, so I'll see what they can do about this.

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    Hey you two,

    we're really sorry for any inconveniences and delays while using the asset library. Our developers are working hard on eventually introducing an offline caching / faster loading asset library. We hope to be able to provide a solution for this as soon as possible.

  • I will say that having opened the asset library a few times in Sketchup now, it does seem to finally come up quickly when I open it. The process of getting there in the first place was pretty agonizing though. I still like the idea of having the library live in the cloud that way you can continuously update it, but whatever needs to happen to get the icons to load immediately should happen in the background and/or upon installing Enscape, that way you never have to wait for it the first time. Or if waiting is unavoidable due to huge file sizes, at least tell people that explicitly the first time they launch the asset library, that way it's clear that it's not supposed to take that long to load everytime. You could even give people the option to install it separately, and I think they'd prefer that to the way it happens now.

  • Sorry for such a long delay between posts. I had missed the notification. The error is still present on my PC and many others here in the office.

    The Asset Library window loads fine, nice and quick. What I'm struggling with is the load time per object, and every time we flick between construction and vegetation for example I get hit with "loading..."

    It's extremely frustrating and discourages our team from using the assets altogether.

    Sadly I'm still experiencing the same problem with version 2.7. Even clicking between the sub groups such as "Lighting" and "Vegetation" seems to take about 5-10 to process.

    Are there any tips or advise for work arounds here?

  • Been following this post, we also have similar loading issues. I think it would be better to let the users download and cache the entire library rather than demand load from your servers. Are you all considering this? It's affecting how fast we can use your software.

  • Been following this post, we also have similar loading issues. I think it would be better to let the users download and cache the entire library rather than demand load from your servers. Are you all considering this? It's affecting how fast we can use your software.

    If we can centralize the cache on network server (like the ArchVision library) it would even be better.

    That means when someone has fetched the newest version of the asset once the next users will be able to just load from the server cache instead of waiting and downloading for every person.

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    I'm afraid, at least at the moment a feature like allowing you to use the Asset Library offline by downloading the content beforehand for example is not yet available, but we're very aware that there is quite a lot demand for this so we're working on a solution.

  • This happens each time the computer is restarted. Can confirm that during the same sessiion the images are there. They need to be cached. Just give them a unique guid that can be checked on opening the asset browser. that way they can be cached.

    Using Rhino 6 for windows.

    Please fix this.

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    We're definitely on it at the moment! We have discovered a small issue in the system itself which was responsible for basically this behavior, so this should be resolved fairly soon.

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    Asset thumbnail download is still tooooooooo slow

    I recommend to simply make use of our offline Asset library functionality from now on. This will allow the thumbnails to be loaded in pretty much no-time afterward. :) The whole size of the Library should also just be about 5GB.