Walk Mode

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  • Hi All!

    Just trying out 2.5 and noticed some odd settings in Walkmode - the input settings during Flymode do not translate into Walkmode as they used to, so despite the settings in Flymode, when I switch over Walkmode feels spongy (movement smoothing?) and sluggish (movement speed?). My settings are attached. Just checking to see if this is intentional or if I need to get used to this feel. Thanks!

  • Same here. Not sure if this was always the case or new since 2.5, but the movement speed is faster in flymode than walkmode. This is useful while working, so I can move quickly around, but not great during client presentation.

    There is also a 'knee bounce' vertical movement when walking up/down on stairs, and it creates way too much motion, especially in models with lots of level changes such as amphitheaters.

    It would be great if there was an option to keep the speed constant between fly/walk and turn off the 'natural bounce movement'.