Baked shadows

  • most of the users here have a decent video card...exporting the Enscape experience in exe file is a good idea but we don't know what kind of hardware our clients, consultants, some of the features may be useless because of that. .... is there any way to export it with baked shadows as an option?

    On top of that I would prefer for clients ...hey download this free viewer and I send an Enscape file only to be used there maybe with baked shadows so they don't need a great video card....most of my clients and I see this pretty often they also use Mac, Ipad, tablets at home with very limited graphics.



  • Fernando Lino thank you for your feedback. We have this on our agenda but we need a little bit more time for it.

    As a quick solution I would recommend you to lower the Enscape settings before exporting the standalone file as the settings are exported as well.

    Please refer to our corresponding knowledgebase article.