enscape + htc vive = amazing || some ideas and requests

  • hi there,

    since there is not seperate feedback and glorify thread i have to put this here :)

    we have rented a htc vive to test the VR experience with enscape and man, this is the shit :) really really smooth and amazing experience

    the lightning effects are just superb and come out so good in vr - really compelling - i must be in love and im excited to see what the future brings to this amazing product!

    by the way im running a 4k display and the htc vive with an 1070 ti at the moment and the performance in vive is good, on screen i need to reduce the visible window size to a quarter of the screen size that is, when using ultra mode - which is fine :)... in lower quality modes i can utilize full screen

    now some ideas...

    > inside the VR experience (and as requested seperate already also for the deployable self executable) it would be nice if there was an option not only to set the time of day but also the time of year :)

    > inside VR make some more of the settings (if not all) availeable to the user.. maybe you can provide a spectator mode and and editor mode or something like that

    > sketchup > make the VR experience work with dynamic components so we can open custom crafted doors and windows :) i dont know if this feature works for revit or some of the other host apps but would be cool if there was support for this

    > generall - it would be nice to see your rtx implementation really soon :) i hope for soft shadows of all light types, therefore better representation of area lights with less splotch problems, and of course raytraced reflections and materials etc.. even it it was only availeable in and ueber ultra mode for rendering stills and animations... it would be soo cool to have :)

    if you ask me, at the moment the strengh of enscape is that it provides a good, easy, fast and painless option to put your cad models into something - well - really cool :)

    its just perfect for us architects to study and explain space light materials etc. .. so i, for now dont care for assests in generall - its about light, space and materials in architecture and not about fancy entourage... problem with the entourage is that it also actually removes the "uniqueness" of ones work.. . when everyone has the same entourtage and "looks" then its only, again, space light and material :) i hope you could understand my point of view...

    also, in terms of entrourage, i believe in the long term its impossible to compete with open platforms like unreal and datasmith... ...

    if i was to vote for somthing it would be a stratetig partnership with eon or speedtreee to use their highest quality models inside of enscape.. or licence the guys from xfrog or laubwerk or whatever to be able to use all of their models as assets :) then you have a pro point...

    ... as long as you dont fall substantially behind the visual fidelity/quality and technical possibilities of unreal or unity, i think the ease of use and the provided GUI with the self executable etc. are more than enough to convince me to stick with you, because in the end i am, and probably most of your clients, are architects and not computer specialists :)

    that said, i wish the enscape team all the best as a satisfied customer!:thumbsup:

    win 10 | 2080ti | dual xeon w2687w | 128gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd | htc vive | asus proart 4k monitor

    modelling stuff with sketchup, drawing stuff with vectorworks, rendering with cinema4d r20 + corona render & now of course, enscape :)

    but best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

  • Hey bsfranza , thank you so much for all the kind words and your valuable feedback! :)

    Be assured that I'll upvote the corresponding existing feature requests on our agenda through your voice accordingly! What you're asking for has already been requested in similar fashion by others, and when it comes to RTX support, that is only a matter of time until it's gonna be implemented. ;)