Rhino 5 -> Rhino 6 -> material chaos

  • Very strange - first problem: I selected the front glass wall objects and at Rhino 5 the material is named "glass.doorwall", but at Rhino 6 is shown "/Glass".

    I think, you are right, it's better I ask the Rhino team, since this it's basic Rhino functionality only.

    Thank you,


  • Demian Gutberlet  Pete Chamberlain I got no answer at the McNeel side yet but it seems to be a serious problem.

    One year before I created a scene at Rhino 6. Today I opened to check it and I found, some materials got the "plugin" flag enabled at the object properties and are not connected to the material at the Rhino material editor anymore. A dark reflective plastic is a non reflective pink now. It looks like there is a problem with the plugin ID, old scenes setups are destroyed. I will send a file per email to Demian.

  • I got an idea now and disabled VfR from the plugin list and ... all materials are like they should be. So, Vray cause material trouble at Enscape. Now I will ask at the right team to solve the problem. ;)

    Thanks for the project and heads up Micha . Let me know in case you require any further information from us. :)