Almost perfect if Enscape got this features

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  • hello there.

    This is what I wish Enscape to have, and I believe my Enscape user out there also waiting for this features to come.

    1 - Round edges / corner feature on material.

    2 - Sky box
    - skybox / hdri dome or what ever you called it.. it need more tweak other than just a rotation.

    high adjustment, 'flatten gound' (something like a features in Keyshot render engine ), etc.

    3 - Library

    - We need a custom library. And on importing the model, offer 2 method of importing

    a ) import full model ( for material editing )

    b ) import as proxy

    4 - Ambient Occlusion

    - need controlable radius etc.

    • Official Post

    Hey Prime , thanks a lot for your post!

    All of this has been requested before, so there are multiple feature requests on our agenda which I'll happily up-vote through your voice!

    Also, regarding 3b, once they have been imported as proxy, they should be displayed in a highly simplified manner (in the cad solution) as is currently the case when importing a .skp file as proxy in SketchUp?