Enscape / Revit / Dynamo - Creating a crowed

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  • With the release of 2.5 the asset lirbary increased. Time to automate somethings.

    I am not a Dynamo expert but i know my way around. I created some scripts. Because we need to help each other i will share my scripts.

    Please feel free to improve the script or add to it, but please share it here.


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    The script creates a crowed of people in groups of 2 , 3, 4 or 5.

    To create a group you have to draw a spline in Revit, this spline does not need to be closed

    The Dynamo sript is made with Dynamo 2.02 and Revit 19.3

    When you open the script there is a pink group

    Here you can select the spline you have drawn.

    The seed is the number of random points within the spline..for most cases you don't have to adjust this. Only when you have a very large terrain this number needs to go up.

    min. distance between groups determines how c rowdy it is.

    if you select walking people about 10% of the points will be a person walking.

    If you select Maud, then the little kid is also in the lists.

    In the script there is also a group called, balance of groups

    this determines how the groups are divided. So there are more groups of 2 then 5.

    I havn't fully tested this but it should work, just don't make groups bigger then 5.

    In the script i have taken in to account that the groups are not to stiff

    so a group of 4 is not equally divided in to angles of 90 to give it a bit more natural look.

    Please try the script and leave your comments.

    I will also post my other scripts soon.

    A script for placing the cars on a parking

    A script for letting people walk along a spline, one direction or 2...

    And i have a couple of other ideas that will follow

    link to the script:



    ofcourse make sure all people are loaded into your project

  • Adjusted the script a bit.... because the library is growing and there are people you don't want in the script i made some adjustments.
    Make sure that all the kids persons have in there Type Comments the word -kids- and the special people in the Type Comments - special-

    in the script you can select if you want to include the kids or the special people..