Enscape / Revit / Dynamo - go for a walk

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  • With the number of people in Enscape with 2.5 it is interesting to generate people automatically .


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    I wrote a dynamo script to place people along a spline (or a line).

    The script has a few options

    Walk one way determins if people are walking all in the same direction... you can change the direction by moving the slider to one.

    If one direction is set to false... people will walk both ways but keep to there side..also in this option to change the direction..walking on leftside or rightside.

    Width of path gives the width on where the people are placed.

    The distance between people gives how busy the road is.

    I am not an Dynamo expert so if you have improvements please do so, but post the new script in this tread.

    This script could use some improvements... so V2 will follow shortly.

    dynamo 2.02/Revit 19.3



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    Thanks for all the dynamo related tutorials Arno ! :) Very interesting results indeed.