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  • I want to create a script that will place sitting people automatically.

    As far as i can see we have two main heights, and two people that are completely different

    So i think i will take the height of the chair and get the height and then + or min 15mm so the people for 415mm can sit at 400-430 and the people 485 can sit between 470-500.

    Does anyone have more ideas/input

    looks like Nora is the only one in between.

  • I made a script, but there are a few small problems, but i need your testing.


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    This script needs a dummy family inside your sitting furniture.


    place the family about 100 in front of the edge of the seat. (this is where i need your testing, a lot of people sit slightly different, so we need to find the best distance and know which people divert from that so we can program exceptions for them)

    i have not yet looked in placing people in a slight angle, (i don't think this is possible as wel, because enscape replaces the assets with fbx and not sure if they take the angle in account, and this will be difficult because all people need a different angle/height)

    So find a position that works for you. There are two families 415 and 485 use one of them and if the height isn't correct you just lower or raise the position of the dummy, do not change the height that won't make a difference.

    The dummy family has it's own subcategory in Planting

    in this picture you also see Annouk, she is placed around the 415 level, in the script you can set Annouk to true or false..

    in the script you can set the percentage of the people placed.

    Enjoy the script if you have any questions or have approvements to the script please place a comment.


    Dynamo script - take a seat