Enscape for Revit - Image and Video rendering

  • Hello guys,

    I have a small house next to the pond, I only use Revit to do it all: modeling, drafting drawing and rendering with Enscape.

    All images and videos was made with Enscape in Revit.

    Click here to watch the Video

    Please enjoy,


    Design by Tropical Architecture

  • Nian, i like the camera work of the camera and the way you present the stills in the video.

    The waterlelies are a great tough. To bad they are floating above water.

    Try to get some more detail in. Like a different material on the floor of the roof patio.

    In the garden you use the Enscape grass, but in the forest i notice some tilling, could be that you need a better base texture for the grass

    Make a bank for the pond..with stone or make it a little bit bigger and use a floor on an angle with a dirt texture.

    Try to find a better model for the bed and some stuff for the closet.

    But i like the look and feel of it...

  • Thank you so much, Arno