Favorite Scenes updating

  • I set up scenes from within the Enscape window through the [Create View] button. I then link them back to the Enscape window through the [Manage Views] button.

    A couple of improvements that I think would help with this workflow:

    - When creating a view, the pop-up dialogue to name it often appears under the Enscape Settings dialogue.

    - It would be handy to hit a hot-key/keystroke combination and create a view from within the Enscape window without having to come back to the native application.

    - When creating a rendered image it would be nice to have an optional tic-box that would create a view at the same time. (It's status would be persistent.)

    - If creating a rendered image from the same location as a saved view, then the default name of the render should take the same name as the saved view. (This would also apply to batch renders.)

    - Any views added from an Enscape dialogue should automatically be starred as a favorite in the Manage views list. (This should already be in the request list)

    - There should be a way to update an existing view's settings (primarily it's camera location and direction) to reflect the current Enscape view.

    - There should be some way to both show the favorite view locations and navigate to them through the mini-map. (It would also be handy to toggle an overlay that marked these locations within the main Enscape view too)

    It would also be useful if you could toggle a "Lock" for a view so that it acted like a panorama (Disable the navigation input while keeping the view input) and you could only navigate through the saved locations.

  • Thank you very much Gadget , your feedback will be filed as individual feature request accordingly and forwarded to our developers, as usual! :) If there is anything else you want to add, please kindly let me know.