Transparent objects "X-Raying" To other Transparent objects.

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  • >I'm currently running Rhino 6 with the most recent version of Enscape

    >When in Enscape, looking through transparent objects, I'm able to see other distant transparent objects that I otherwise should not be able to.

    (I.e there is a non transparent object between the two transparent ones.)

    >This occurs with all types of transparent material settings

    >Distant transparent object pop in and out


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    Hi Zigithor & welcome to our forums!

    Thanks a lot for your report - this could probably be a graphics driver issue. Please try to make sure you've get the most recent one installed. If that doesn't help please send feedback to our support using the Feedback button, this way we can have a look at your log files to get to the ground of the issue more easily.


  • I was actually getting a message about my graphics driver being out of date when I launched Enscape (which I was ignoring).

    >I updated the my drivers and the message disappeared so I assume everything updated correctly

    >unfortunately the issue still persists