More attention to cars

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  • With a little more attention to the car family i Think we could get it closer to the Tesla i have in this picture. That way we can also use it in the drawings.

    could you tel me how you got the cars inside your family, or share the base file(dwg?) you created the car with so we can find a better solution.

  • I hope with 'more attention' you don't mean more detail (polygons) because that would slow Revit down too much. It's all fine if you have 1 car in your scene, but if you're doing anything other than single residential that's very unlikely. Most projects I worked on would have had dozens of cars to fill a parking lot, street, etc.

    Performance is critical, and Revit does NOT like detailed meshes at all. The lower poly they are, the better. The placeholder should be just detailed enough to help us place the object accurately.

  • It comes back to the discussion I've had in the past about wanting to use the Enscape place holders to display on drawings produced directly from Revit. Low polygons are great for place holders but are generally not of a good enough quality for inclusion on drawings produced directly from Revit (plans, elevations etc.).

    The current place holders are perfect for Enscape (cars, planting etc), but are lacking Revit parameters for materials etc. to make them useful for direct output from Revit (and there is a whole other discussion about when a car is a car, or if it is a plant....).

    As a Revit user it would be ideal to be able to use the Enscape place holders directly for output from Revit, unfortunately this is not currently the case.

    We currently use the following workaround for trees that we need to appear on our Revit drawings. We have 2 linked Revit files one with RPC trees for content we need to output directly from Revit and another linked file that contains Enscape place holders. Having the 2 linked files allows for very easy control within Revit via view templates, however this is far from ideal.

    I appreciate the need to keep the Enscape content simple, but with the addition of a few additional parameters the current content would be far more useful for output from within Revit (not just Enscape).

    It would be useful to establish how the current Enscape place holders are created for use within Revit in order to see if the current Enscape Revit users can offer some assistance to the Developers.

  • Low polygons are great for place holders but are generally not of a good enough quality for inclusion on drawings produced directly from Revit (plans, elevations etc.).

    That really depends on the visual style that you're after (realistic vs conceptual). Low poly objects can be great for conceptual representations. We did a few experiments that got (for our taste) great results. There are some bugs right now, but I think Enscape is looking into how to fix them. More info: Some assets cannot be overriden in Revit

  • It would already be a big advantage if the placeholder just had colour. To stay with the topic of the car, that you could set the body colour rims tires glass... That would already improve the content a lot.. I agree with the poly count...But placing a detail item for the plan view, and elevation detail view and have some colour for your 3D model, that would be a big advantage.