Feature Request - Limit Access Boundary

  • I was just in a client demo showing them one of our VR models in Enscape and I have come across this almost every time so I thought I would post/suggest.

    Can we get a way to make a boundary that Enscape cannot cross? Like a no-fly zone. Many times a client is clicking like crazy with teleport or newbies are just getting used to moving around and they venture off into an area of a model that is not intended for them or they end up in a closet or on the roof, etc. I would be nice to be able to control the limits of where a viewer can go.

    New update is incredible by the way!

  • VStudio , this has actually been requested before, so there is a dedicated feature request filed already on our agenda. :) I've happily added your feedback and a further upvote to the topic accordingly! Thanks a lot.

  • Ive been cheating this with a perfectly transparent no reflection no secular material applied to a bounding box and then I don't let the client fly :P but I look forward to a good solution being implemented in the future.

    I like that idea a lot. The only issue is the client that's in VR using teleport and they thing they are playing Halo and shooting the thing all over. Then they end up shooting through a window and end up looking at an unmodeled area. My fix is to just have a scene tab setup that I can send them back to a safe spot but I would to be able to make it all off limits, even to teleportation, if I could.