Enscape 2.5 / Revit / Sun path

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  • Hi Forum,

    long time reader, first time poster,

    so I was helping out a team mate with a project within Revit running Enscape 2.5 just the other day,

    We where setting up a view so we could see what the shadow impact would be with the project, all kind of normal stuff.

    as we had a one screen on Revit and the our running Enscape we noticed something odd with the shadows.

    The sun path within Enscape seems to be tracking east to west via the Southern axis and not the North

    so I set up a little test environment so i could posted the screen shots, the attached images will show you what I mean.

    Setup details

    Location: Sydney Australia

    Time: 9am

    Date: 21st June 2019

    I have tested this in Revit 17/18/19 with the same issue

    I had also tested in 2.3.3 with the same outcome.

    One of the team mates did say that he tested in 2.4 and it seemed to be correct, so has something been changed with 2.5

    or is there something that we are doing to invert the sun path, any feed back would be great

    Oh yeah i did the test in Sketchup 2019 and the path tracks via the north which is correct, so this maybe only a Revit thing


    Revit screen shot

    Enscape 2.5 screen shot