Colour Bleed

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  • Is it possible to adjust the colour bleed from the GI in ultra/high quality mode.

    for example if you have white room and make the floor a brown timber, the whole room goes orange. I'd like to tone this effect down. Not remove it completely, a slider from 0-100 would be awesome.

    Thanks (i thought there used to be a setting for this)

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    DC8Studio , this has already been requested before, so I'll give the corresponding feature request on our agenda a further upvote through your voice! Also, when setting the Rendering Quality to medium, the GI effect actually decreases a bit further, just so you're aware. :)

  • medium seems to get the floor bounce from the environment which makes the colour bleed very odd if indoors.

    we do an awful lot of white rooms with quite warm coloured floors and the colour bounce effect is always too intense.

    white balancing the shot off the wall throws the other colours out and sometimes you can get away with desaturating say the red channel, but of there is something else red in the scene, thats not helpful.

    we use the colour intensity in gi sliders alot in our other rendering engines as clients always want white walls.