Cardboard VR - QR Code Issue with version 2.5

  • Hello,

    Yesterday, our office upgraded from version 2.4 to 2.5. I have been having issues with the QR codes generated from version 2.5, and the QR codes generated from 2.4 run fine. The issue with the 2.5 QR codes is when I take a photo of the code, and click the link the rendering splits in to two screens on my phone but the images do not move when my phone moves, they are still.

    I have tested this with an iPhone 8 running Safari, and iPhone 8 Plus running safari and an iPad Pro running safari as well.

    I am going to render new 360 VR QR codes from a co-worker’s machine that did not upgrade to the latest version to see if this will solve my issue.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point that out to your team.

    Thanks, :)

  • ---------------------UPDATE------------------------------

    I have found that the issue is not with Enscape 2.4 vs. 2.5

    The issue is with all of the phones that have been updated to Apple IOS to 12.2

    The phone that we tested with IOS 12.1 worked fine with a QR code generated from Enscape 2.5

  • Hey rubleyr , Apple has limited Accelerometer and Gyroscope access in Safari on iOS 12.2 due to privacy reasons so the current workaround, to use the panoramas with the latest version of iOS again, is to do the following:

    On your iPhone, go into Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security and enable "Motion & Orientation Access" accordingly:


    Please kindly let me know in case this procedure doesn't help!