Big Sky Dreaming for Enscapes Future

  • Hi Team, just thought id throw my future dream for Enscape.

    With the pretty darn amazing quality games engines are getting to now, it would be nice to see Enscape step up to the plate a bit and offer a more game engine quality output.

    The game engines are dealing with significantly more data/processes than your typical archvis job, albiet specifically interpreted to their games engine. With real time raytracing, the need to pre bake gi and cheat on effects is reaching its nadir. All the engines admit to a performance increase for baked data, but the flexibility of realtime RT is starting to outweigh that advantage.

    some drool worthy realtime can be seen here

    and yes its alot of photogrammetry assets, but the lighting and fog is not.

    heres where lumion is at

    I love enscapes simple workflow, our studio has embraced it big time, but we are already craving better output, closer to our offline renderers.

    We are prepared to put up with some limitations based on that workflow as its the prime reason we use Enscape, but the quality needs to compete.

    Some things i feel enscape should have in the future to avoid being replaced in the near future by unity or unreal or even lumion.

    More realtime image adjustment - LUTs, Luminenece + Colour Curves, basically the lightroom image adjustment tabs.

    Better DOF, bloom, glare, flare controls

    Better reflections (real)

    Longer draw distances (have you seen games lately)

    Better grass draw distances,

    Better artificial lighting (alot of this is the app its in)

    Fog Support

    Animated assets (app support?) - basically just want moving trees, water and clouds when the camera is still (enscape assets)

    RT support for real glass, reflections, AO, DOF

    I know alot of this is pipe dreaming and a serious case of Unreal/EU4 envy. But enscapes workflow means non visual artists specialists can create client worthy imagery. That is its power.

    The gap is widening quite rapidly against the other engines i feel that Enscapes visual quality is falling behind as its not adapting fast enough.

    Go team.